The most unbreakable record in Cricket

The most unbreakable record in Cricket

Don Bradman. Test Cricket has been played starting around 1880. In that time there has been 2,839 players. 

Out of that 2,839, there has been 4 players with a batting normal over 60. 

Out of those 4, 1 was higher then 61. 

That was Don Bradman and his batting normal was 99.94. 

To place this into viewpoint, each time he went out to bat, he scored a century by and large. A century is the most troublesome thing a batsman can do and can require hours or even a day to make. It is difficult to place it in baseball terms, however envision each time you go out to bat, on normal you'll score a run or each time you play Football, you score. 

His record was set from 1928–1948 and from that point forward, nobody has approached. 

This is the most solid games record ever.