Step by step instructions to get ready for AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam and Interview

Step by step instructions to get ready for AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam and Interview

Air terminals Authority of India or AAI is a Miniratna PSU working under the definitive direction of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. AAI makes, keeps up with, redesigns, and deals with the common aeronautics framework in India. 

As of now, it is overseeing 137 air terminals (23 worldwide air terminals, 81 Domestic air terminals, 23 Civil Enclaves at Defense Airfields, and 10 client Airports). Its settle is at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, New Delhi. 

For the post of Junior Executive (Air Traffic Control), the choice methodology has 2 principle stages viz. The internet based assessment is trailed by a Document Verification Round and a Voice Test. 

Applicants chose are for the most part multiple times the quantity of posts accessible. The tests will be held at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. 

Keep in mind, you ought to have English as a subject in your 10+2. 

After choice, you need to accomplish ICAO Proficiency Test Level 4. 

Presently, what is ICAO?? 

ICAO is an English test that actions how great you are at English arrangement and communicating in English. You will be given a paper that contains a few expressions identified with flight. This test is to decide how successfully you can speak with the pilot on an everyday premise. This is fundamentally the reason for the voice test. 

Presently a few Tips for the AAI Junior Executive ATC Voice Test: 

The motivation behind this voice test is just to really look at your articulations and capacity to speak with the pilot and different authorities in the field. 

They will give you a little article or section containing lines that are instances of everyday discussions for ATC. You will be relied upon to recite for all to hear the substance for the test board to pass judgment on your elocutions and familiarity. 

Try not to be anxious. Anxiety might prompt faltering and neglecting. This will adversely influence your presentation. 

Watch recordings and get familiar with the advantageous elocutions for numbers, letter sets and so on 

Talk fluidly with regular stops that the sentence requires. Attempt to keep away from stops at bothersome situations in the sentence. 

Stay away from seems like "uhm", "mmmm" for thinking when you talk. Set aside effort to think and detail the sentences in your mind before you begin talking. 

Anticipate that the following kinds of topics should be asked during the Voice Test: 


For what reason would you say you are keen on the Job? 

How could you drive to arrive at the area of the Test? 

For what reason do you figure you would be useful for the work? 

Aside from these, they may likewise ask you different things yet they won't be anything hard to reply. Up-and-comers have nothing to stress over since this test is just there to pass judgment on your correspondence, instead of information. You may likewise be approached to recite so anyone can hear substance composed on a piece of paper. 

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